There’s something in the air: Blåse, Norway’s new offshore wind consortium, comes with great ambition for Norway’s offshore wind future.

Blåse is a consortium formed by experienced actors in the offshore industry: NorSea, Parkwind, and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners. The consortium has been founded with the purpose of leading Norwegian offshore wind development.

Floating offshore wind is a significant technology for the future. Floating offshore turbines allow us to take the turbines further from shore, where the wind is always present, stronger and more constant, assuring a stable production of green electricity. The technology also allows building windfarms in locations of greater depth away from the coast, where traditional bottom-fixed solutions are not be possible.

Norway has a long and proud tradition of producing electricity from different energy sources, along with strong maritime tradition and offshore legacy. The transition to offshore wind is a natural next step to take and can be built on these strengths. Wind energy will strengthen Norway’s energy independence and transition to renewable energy.

The good news is: it can be done in a way that flourishes the Norwegian economy, brings industrial opportunities for coastal societies and creates lasting jobs for decades to come. This is what Blåse is all about.

NorSea is a well-known actor in the Norwegian offshore industry with more than 55 years of history in offshore services and maritime activities. The company is a supplier of port services, base and logistics solutions to customers in both the oil and gas industry, the aquaculture industry, the wind industry, and other maritime industries.

We at NorSea are thrilled to officially announce the creation of Blåse with our partners Parkwind and CIP. As we give our venture to develop offshore wind in Norway the name ‘Blåse’, we create a milestone in our shared commitment to sustainability and renewable energy. We are excited about the capabilities each of the partners bring to the table, the cutting-edge technology we will utilize, and the immense long-term value this project will bring to the local communities of Norway. Together, we are taking the steps to build a new industry and sustainable legacy for generations to come.

says John Stangeland, CEO of NorSea

Parkwind is an independent green energy company that develops, finances, and operates offshore wind farms. With more than a decade of experience and 1 GW under operational management in the Belgian North Sea and Germany. With active projects at various stages of development, Parkwind is present in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Greece, Australia and New Zealand.

Driven by the mission to make green energy available and affordable for everyone through its unique approach covering the entire value chain of offshore wind, Parkwind has over the years established itself as a reliable and competitive partner to communities, governments, and suppliers globally.

This collaboration brings all our collective strengths and expertise together to successfully develop offshore wind energy in Norway. By combining our complementary expertise, we are bound to make a significant impact in the Norwegian renewables industry and contribute to Norway’s long term offshore wind ambitions.

says François Van Leeuw, co-CEO of Parkwind

CIP is the world’s largest dedicated fund manager within greenfield renewable energy investments and a global leader in offshore wind. CIP manages ten funds that focus a wide range of renewable technologies.

We are proud to be part of this consortium with such strong partners. The combination of our skills, our experiences, and our dedication to offshore wind, makes this group of companies a unique partner for Norway’s renewable ambitions.

says Magnus Brogaard, associate partner at CIP

With the launch of the consortium, we introduce the name “Blåse”, linked to the Norwegian words for blue and blowing winds. You can discover our brand and more about our work on the new website here. We look forward to engaging with you and turning Norway’s offshore wind ambition into reality.